Hi, my name is

Alcott Dube.

I design things for the web.

I am a User Experience and User Interface designer based in South Africa, ( and occasionally I build websites as well ). Currently I am focused on creating, useful and enjoyable human centered experiences, for the web and beyond.

Email - alcottdube@gmail.com

Graduin | Education Platform

My responsibilities on this project specifically included, user research, wireframing, UI design, development of the website, and 2d animation (BOT Bob).

Project Type:

UX, UI & Website Design




Graduin is an online platform for high-school learners to apply to multiple higher learning institutions from one website with one application fee.


Taghash is a mobile device repair shop that specialize in fixing and/or upgrading almost any brand of mobile device in South Africa.

Taghash | Phone repair Website

As a phone repair store with a physical premise, Taghash employees came up with a solution to run the main customer handling services and requests from their website to reduce traffic in-store due to covid-19 regulations. I was responsible for the designing of the logo, website and user interface.

Project Type:

UI, Branding & Web Design



SteamDesigner | Artwork Store

The goal here was to simply create an easy, straight forward website that would allow for steam users to get custom artworks for their profiles. I made the website as a nice little fun side project.

Project Type:

UX, UI, Logo & Website Design


A recent project of mine, that I embarked on, to make the steam gaming community profiles more vibrant by allowing users to order custom artworks to showcase on their profiles.

Some Note Worthy
UI Projects

These are non-official old spec projects containing some basic UI designs.

Mirrors Edge, In-game UI menu

A quick UI Design of the in-game menu & dashboard, I created a while ago for the game - Mirrors Edge.

Personal Website V 0.1

A look at the first version of my personal website from 2017.

Innovoice Dashboard Design

A random invoice/ CRM dashboard UI. (not official)

Clock'n Mobile App UI

My very first ever Mobile app UI design from 2016 as a noob.

Personal Website V0.2

A look at the second version of my personal website from 2018.